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Applicable taxes based on your billing location will apply. Unlimited features are subject to fair use policy. Message Us if your organization is a not-for-profit organization or educational institution.


App Usage and Pricing
Usage And Quota
Photo Votes or Friend References
Promotion Views
Download Promotion Data
Admins can download promotion data by clicking on Download button under Admin Panel. This allows them to download detailed information related to Entries made to the promotion on a Google Spreadsheet: User details (Facebook name, a link to their Facebook profile), full resolution image, caption/text, custom fields (poll responses, custom uploaded documents and images, menu selections, etc.) as well as Phone numbers, email-address (along with newsletter-subscription selection) and address if these options are enabled.

Click here for details on how to save full resolution images locally to your computer.

Click here for details on how to download voter details when using app based voting.

Click here for details on how Admins can use downloaded data to generate Leads.
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